Appreciation Day 2013

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May 10, 2013
Our Seventh Appreciation Day

This, our 7th year, we celebrated approximately 1000 students engaged in water conservation education, learning to protect, conserve and enjoy Wisconsin's rivers and lakes.


To commemorate  this milestone, participating 4th grade students and teachers received a Little Plover River T-shirt.


A special guest speaker this year was Rep. Katrina Shankland who spoke about conservation and enjoying Wisconsin's natural resources.


This year on April 24, 2013, American Rivers, a prestigious national river organization which annually announces America's Top 10 Most Endangered Rivers (MER) named the Little Plover River the 4th MER in America. On their national map we are but a little dot in the middle of Wisconsin. While this is not a listing to celebrate . . . we do see this national listing as an educational opportunity to further raise awareness of the "sad cautonary tale" of our river and woth Wisconsin rivers and lakes that share similar stories of peril.


It is our goal to find sensible solutions to save Wisconsin's sporting and outdoor heritage--its waters.


A Special Thanks to Our Teachers

This event could not have been accomplished without the invaluable contributions of the 4th grade teacherts from the two schools, the many dedicated volunteers who make the day "run" and the generous contributions of our sponsors. Thank you!


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