Aerial Mapping of the Little Plover

On April 29, 2011, Bob Bowen carried out an aerial mapping of the River.  The photos he generated (starting from the headwaters of the River and moving west to the River's junction with the Wisconsin River) are found here,


The Friends of the Little Plover River wish to thank Bob for the many volunteer hours he devoted to the mapping of the Little Plover River.

Bob Bowen

Bob has been flying since 1967, 44 years, and accumulated over 3000 hours of personal flying and Civil Air Patrol service. 


Bob's aircraft is a 1947 Luscombe that stays in very good condition through required annual inspections.  It's a factory model aircraft and not a home built.  Age is not a factor and Bob says he's sure the plane will outlast its owner.  


Bob has shared aerial photos with the City of Stevens Point, Department of Planning and Zoning, in regard to the Wisconsin River and Plover River draw down and the Portage County Planning and Zoning departments.  He also provides an aerial platform for the UWSP Schmeekle Reserve project that is used to maintain an ongoing overview of the reserve's improvements. 


Occasionally Bob does courtesy photos for individuals who want shots of their residences.