Springville Pond Suicide Attempt--1896


The Water Was Cold and Henry Friday Did Not Appreciate the Bath He Plunged Into


Henry Friday came to Stevens Point less than a couple of years ago, and since that time had followed bis avocation as a cigar maker, when not otherwise engaged, being employed at first by Louis Port and of late by B. H. Kohorn. Last Friday, having become thoroughly disgusted with tbe name, Friday, and with himself more particularly, owing to excessive  stimulants,  indulged in without interruption for several days and nights, and having neglected to eat anything during all this time, Henry made his way to the Little Plover river and jumped from the bridge at Sprlngville. The water was excessively cold, as he soon learned, and after going below the surface a couple of times, he concluded this was an uncomfortable way to die and scrambled to the bank a few feet distant. Geo. Yorton saw the man and at once reported the case to Constable Hod. Warner, of Plover. The officer overtook Friday on the road, while traveling toward the city and brought him to the county jail.  For two or three days he was quite bad, suffering from delirium, and made frequent threats of doing away with himself.  M. C. Ooon and Dan. Leahy watched him Friday night, the former volunteering to do so, and thereafter he continued to grow better.  Friday was discharged today, and it is believed that his late experience will be a wholesome lesson to him.


from The Gazette
September 23, 1896